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Introduction and Strong Points

1)방식 : 다양한 장르의 디지털 방송 채널에서 필요한 채널을 직접 선택하여 서비스 제공고객의 Needs에 따라 구축하여 서비스 제공이 가능한 신개념 방송 서비스  2)대상 : 기업, 숙박업소, 기숙사 등 3)특징 : 다양한 장르 방송채널 보유, 내맘대로 골라보는 VOD 서비스, 양방향 데이터 서비스, 고화질(HD) 묶음 방송 서비스

Type of Service

Type of Service
Provision Method Description Service Feature

Service provided with STB installed at home

Not possible to combine with own channel

Digital broadcasting


Bidirectional service

No selection of channel

Subscription fee per STB (product)

Separate management of cable broadcasting


Service provided with facilities built in H/E of customer

No STB required to be installed at home

Available by combination of own channel

Digital broadcasting

Own channel

Channel available by genre

Subscription fee suitable for the number of channels

Broadcasting integrated management


Subscription fee is subject to change depending on channel configuration

Provision method by service type - "Using STB"

  • As general provision method, the broadcasting signal is provided through an HFC mixed network to the customer.
  • Customer receives broadcasting signal from SO and watches programs through STB installed at home.
  • It is possible to view broadcasting only after STB is installed in each room.

Block Diagram

Provision method by service type - "Using STB"

서비스 유형 별 제공 방식 - "Using Customer’s HeadEnd"

  • The broadcasting signal (QAM) is transmitted to customers through a stable customer underground optical cable
  • Customer receives broadcasting signal (QAM) from SO and combines it with own channel and sends to the home in the form of a digital signal
  • For the investment cost involved for the customer, special deliberations are necessary and the customer can secure the efficiency of broadcasting management.

Block Diagram

Provision method by service type